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Weekend contemplation and energy report for April 28, 2023

Weekend contemplation and energy report for April 28, 2023

This weekend our crowning thought is inviting us to listen with our hearts. Listening with your heart does not mean purely, listening to emotion, listening with your heart is asking us to be still and listen to the voice of spirit that lives within us the voice of love and reason.

As we listen to the voice of spirit guiding us to our next right action step, we will feel that movement the end of delay however, we must also look at what aspect of our life is still stagnant and not moving and why is that as we question.

The question we ask ourselves invites us into our own divine authority, divine authority, simply means that you are taking responsibility for what you are seeing and what you are experiencing at a particular moment this is not about in judgment, but instead about discernment and action orientation towards the aspect of your life that is stagnant or aspects, It’s not meant to be done in a day we do have to be patient because rushing forward will only causes more and delays.

Patience is not sitting on your hands waiting for something to happen instead, Patience is aligning your thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and external situations to align with spirit to align with truth.

This weekend is all about movement and passion in a constructive way often times when we start to feel this movement and passion we have a tendency to use it for destruction. Let’s instead let our hearts be the guide and use this for creation.

Christine Halliwell
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