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Awakening Mircales

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This is our theme for the month of December. It’s all about us, letting go of our plan of our agenda and letting spirits plan come to us and be worked through us. This card also invites us to not take ourselves or the world and all the players in it to personally we can be assured we are focusing and identifying ourselves with our small self the ego mind we’re just asked to be more aware, more conscious of where our focus is in our own minds. Are we identifying with our emotions and our thoughts or are we seeing ourselves as the witness to them.

Below, I have the card typed out just in case you can’t read the picture cause it can be hard to read

Dearest You,

The common sayings "be in the world but not of it" and "wear the world loosely" refer to the need to be engaged with life while not being attached to specific outcomes. Do not take this world too personally. for you are one of many co-creators here to play-and we have many ideas about how all this should play out. Just know the outcomes don't matter as much as the presence you bring to each experience and how you let yourself flow through life. There's a real freedom in knowing and accepting this. So will you wear the world loosely or will it straitjacket you? It is your choice. Whatever happens, have the courage to keep trying to live as you are meant to. And when it comes to manifesting, don't worry about the "how," or even the "why." We have that covered. Everything is going to turn out exactly as it should. Spirit has a plan!

Loving you always and forev

Shirley Ryan
Shirley Ryan
Dec 05, 2023

Thank You Thank You💜, and Thank You for typing it out👍

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