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Awakening Mircales

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A wonderful question to ask yourself is, where am I placing my trust? Am I placing it in spirit who exists in the present moment or am I placing it in my ego that is always coming from the past or the future

Where we place, our trust will inform our choices, and our perceptual view of the world when we choose to trust in the ego we’re simply choosing to trust in the past that it will constantly repeat or project to a future, and an outcome that we think will be most beneficial However, that again only comes from a pass perceptual view or a view.

The world has told us is correct.

When we choose to trust in spirit, we are choosing to come into the present moment we are choosing to align ourselves with what is true we’re choosing to align ourselves with love, joy and unity we’re choosing to align ourselves with a force.

Who knows what we need when we need it and he’s more than willing to assist us in getting there

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