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Weekend, energy report and contemplation for April 14, 2023

Weekend, energy report and contemplation for April 14, 2023

This weekend our crowning thought is breakthrough which is asking us to break through or release the old patterns of fear that are keeping us from truly moving forward.

This week we have a tremendous opportunity to begin to shift and change as we have the new moon eclipse coming up on the 20th. We may feel a little bit lost like we don’t know what needs to change or where the change needs to take place that is why we are asked.

To step in to a gestation period which doesn’t mean we’re not doing anything it doesn’t mean that we are hibernating or sleeping. It means that we are coming in the council with our divine team in order to gain clarity and transparency on what it is we are choosing to intend to shift and change.

This involves our active participation and may involve others as well but our first active participant is always going to be spirit so this weekend allow yourself to truly step back and look at what needs to change. What area of your life do you need to break free of old patterns, and if you are feeling lost like you don’t know how then you’re already at the perfect place to just state and participate with spirit to find out how to begin to move forward.

With that said, it’s not about your will being done it is about the divine will being expressed through you and remember the divine will is always for you to be happy and free. Sometimes we think we know what true happiness is what true freedom is but if we’re honest, that perspective again is coming from a very narrow viewpoint, and we want to expand not contract back into old patterns or beliefs, release them and allow spirit to give you a vision of your highest and happiest now.

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