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March 25 weekend energy report and contemplation

March 25, 2023, energy report and contemplation

Our crowning thoughts for this week are appreciation and celebrating the truth of who we are. Removing the different masks of who we thought we had to be. Appreciating our authentic self, appreciating the perfection in which that authentic self was created and appreciating our creator.

The rest of the weekend follows the theme of standing in the truth of who we are, and looking at different relationships, both familial and romantic, that no longer are in alignment, with the truth of who we are.

This truth is not found in activity, but instead in stillness, where we can be informed by our higher power, by the truth of who we are, that which is true for us, and in alignment, with our highest and best good

As we explore in stillness let us have a sense of wonder in what we are exploring normally it would look at the how or the why but what if this weekend you just sat for a moment and wondered how would my spirit like to express today or I wonder what guidance I will receive. When we are in that state of wonder, it opens us up more to guidance because there is no agenda. It is merely an opening as well as an expectation that we are going to receive. We don’t know what it is. We just know that we have asked, and it is already being given.

Questions to ask yourself this weekend: where am I not being authentic? Where am I not celebrating the truth of who I am, and hiding instead? What is it that I can appreciate about the truth of who I am? How can I step deeper into appreciation? Where have I not been expressing my truth? How can I get in touch with the truth more deeply?

Shirley Ryan
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