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Awakening Mircales

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Someone makes a commitment that troubles you. Another misinterprets your intentions. The plans you make don’t go off as you wish. People aren’t cooperating and it’s frustrating you. Time is running out. It’s also irritating that your ego can hardly stand it. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

The key is to remain detached and observe events as they unfold from the standpoint of our spirit.

When we do, you realize these daily irritations and upsets, don’t matter. What does count is that you enjoy life. No matter what. Small disruption presents itself along the way.

The spirit knows: there is always something unexpected. Expect small interruptions right now – and big ones as well. The key is to ride the wave with graceful humor and not allow things to ruffle your peace. Know that whatever comes up, your spirit can handle it and will. You have the ability to respond creatively to anything that meets you in life. Simply remain calm, and don’t try to control what happens, especially before it does. Take life as it comes and enjoy.

Shirley Ryan
Christine Halliwell
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