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Awakening Mircales

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Weekend energy report for February 17, 2023

Weekend energy Forecast

This weekend we have a wonderful opportunity for healing.

This weekend we are asked to look at what is rising in is I.e ( anger, anxiety, depression,pain- physical or emotional or mental) as we look at this not as the subjective experiencer but as the observer we get an opportunity for insight which can help us to move beyond what has been keeping us trapped.

This process can produce mircales because we are willing to let our fear in whatever for it takes to be shifted to love not by us but by our invitation and willingness to look. We must be vigilant as well of our own minds, and our capacity to deceive ourselves or selectively look at only one part of an issue, instead of the totality of it all.

This weekend holds a powerful and potentially important energy to help us move forward we just have to be willing to use it wisely and be willing to not keep the thoughts,ideas,beliefs that are keeping us trapped in our own little bubbles.

An added note as I was tuning in I did see and alligator. An alligator is a representation of us, tapping into our own inner wisdom and knowledge, being the leader, and taking the wisdom from what we have been through in order to move forward more deeply and productively.

Christine Halliwell
Mimie Silver
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