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Awakening Mircales

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This weekend our theme is receptivity our affirmation that we can use is I still my mind and open to the spirit of light that permeates all things. I am one with the universe and I appreciate and receive all its blessings.

The other guidance that spirit is giving us comes from Colette Baron reads the enchanted map deck. Our first card is the Home card in the reverse position and what this is asking is do we feel at home in our own presence. It’s Time to do a fearless inventory why are we afraid of our own divine presence? Why are we afraid to be ourselves? Why are we feeling unsafe or unstable or unfulfilled? It’s time to tap into our divine self. We are all true safety and security joy and fulfillment lie.

With the second card moonlight also in the reverse position spirit is saying this is not a time to over analyze. This is a time to step back and regroup and enter into a more trusting relationship with your higher self your interbeing your intuition. Don’t become overly concerned about perceived mistakes. Instead, how will you learn to dance with your interbeing? It’s OK if you mess up a few of the moves, you’re interviewing is always there to guide you so be willing to go play. Have fun stay open and develop that relationship with spirit so when guidance does come, you don’t analyze it or second-guess it, but instead act upon it accordingly

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