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Awakening Mircales

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This week we are working with the energies of the mind's alter, harmony, and release.

As we start off our week we are asked to acknowledge that our mind is connected to the divine mind. The divine mind has all the answers and solutions to every problem we may face, we must be willing to place the situation person, or event on the alter of our minds to be claimed by the divine. We can see it as an exchanging of gifts you are giving the divine what burdens you and it in return is giving you the answer.

However, it can not do this unless you truly give over the issue which means you release and let go of how it should play out and let go of your outcome and your agenda. This does not mean that you want to be asked to do something or call someone it just means you are not letting the past inform you but instead the present guidance of your higher power that loves you.

In this simple act of surrender, you are moving into harmony with life with the divide. You have let go of the restiance and are allowing the divine to move you where you need to be for the highest and best good of all. It is no longer you against the world and the divine but all things in your life including you working towards the good

Christine Halliwell
Shirley Ryan
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