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Weekend contemplation and energy report for May 19, 2023

Our crowning thought for this week reminds us that the power of our mind is ever present. We get to decide on how we are going to feel or how we are going to respond to any situation. We decide what has value and what does not. We get to decide if we’re going to listen to our spirit or to our ego to love or to fear.

This leads us into a space of celebration, because we are becoming more available and open to the many opportunities that are present to us. We have the new moon in Taurus, which gives us fertile ground for our intentions so that they may have nourishment in this energy so that they may sprout and spread for the joy that they give us with setting them.

We must be aware this week. Either our intentions are they coming from a space of true value or are they coming from a space of lack and scarcity be willing to drop in to your heart, and let go of those intentions that are coming from fear.

As we let go of those intentions that are coming from fear, we have an opportunity to clean up our own minds to clean up the mess that we have made by forgiving ourselves and letting those old stories or values that no longer serve our highest and best good go for good setting ourselves up for success.

Christine Halliwell
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