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Messages for Wednesday, August 30, 2023- The energies with this Full Moon in Pisces (also referred to as a super moon due to it’s proximity to earth and Blue Moon- seeing a full moon twice in one month) is about deep healing and personal transformation.  The energies are encouraging us to go within and connect with our imagination and spirituality to manifest our dreams and visions based in truth and love.  The foundations and relationships in our life that are not stable will fall giving us the opportunity to see truth and gain clarity on what we want to change, create or manifest moving forward.  Surrender to Spirit and your angelic team.  The old has served its purpose so new love in all forms can enter our life.  Our emotions and sensitivity are very high, intense and our intuition and psychic capabilities are also elevated, use discernment and trust your inner wisdom.    

❤️Observe your situation from a higher perspective so you can detach from unnecessary drama so you can see the truth, this truth will assist in liberating yourself from circumstances and situations that are false, coming from your ego causing self imposed restrictions and limitations.  You always have a choice regardless of circumstances, choose love over fear.  It’s a time of deep healing as you are going through a deep personal and spiritual transformation.  Forgive yourself and others in exchange for inner peace, allow healing.  Honor and acknowledge all the emotions and feelings that are coming through and express them through creative outlets.  You’re on the right path and being divinely guided.  Love & Blessings, Christine 🕊😊❤️💚🌹🌈☮️

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