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Awakening Mircales

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Weekend energy report for March 3, 2023

For this weekend, we are asked to let go of what we think we know about a situation, letting go of the past and of the future to fully step into the present moment so that we can truly have the vision to see it as it is not from ego but from spirit. When we choose spirit we are choosing miracles and ease , when we choose ego we choose to suffer.

We are asked that whatever situation that causes us to lose our peace to step back to place the situation on the alter of love to be altered(that might be you saying angles take this from me or guides please guide my words now or spirit I give this over to you because I don’t want to use it for my destruction but instead for the coming of my peace)

This simple act that you must mean with sincerity, opens us up to a higher perspective, to seeing things through the eyes of spirit. We are also asked to to be willing to accept and acknowledge that we don’t have to know everything that it is ok to ask for help from our higher power and others if we need it.

Shirley Ryan
Christine Halliwell
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