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Awakening Mircales

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For this weekend we have a crowning thought. Is facing our fears, releasing the power that fear has over us It’s a fearful thought rises up this weekend. Be willing to acknowledge it, and then hand it over to your angels, your guides, your ancestors, your higher power, and that can be done through meditation or prayer. One wonderful way to do that is simply by saying spirit you decide for me about this, do not let me use this for my destruction, but instead for the coming of my peace.

From there in our prayer time or meditation time, we are asked to have that conscious contact with our creator and not asking necessarily for our will to be done, but surrendering our wishes, dreams and desires, and instead asking for the divine will to be done for us and through us, and then we are to simply listen.

As we are listening, we are asked to see things from that higher perspective to see things as the divine would see them. The way that we do that so it’s simply again by asking how with my guides see this, how with my angels see this, I would love to see this, and then going back and simply listening, not trying to place our own thoughts and beliefs on it, but allowing the divine to truly inform us.

This weekend is a wonderful opportunity for us to just step back and pause, so that we may realign ourselves with the truth with the divine and with our own inner peace and begin.

Shirley Ryan
Christine Halliwell
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