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Awakening Mircales

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In my December General energy forecast that I posted here in the group, I mentioned doing a Live Zoom workshop on intention setting. This workshop is live and Will Not be recorded you do not have to be on camera either you are free to call in as well. This Workshop is free to group members and will be held on December 21 at 8pm EST.

The intention-setting workshop is an opportunity for us to come together and set powerful honest intentions for the new year. We are going to be doing a meditation to get us tuned to our spirit. We will then move into to talking about a different way to state our intentions. Then we are going to help each other tune in and get our intention in alignment vibrationally by speaking them out loud. I am thrilled and excited to be able to be of service to you all in this way link information will be posted here to the group and in the announcement section.

Christine Halliwell
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