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Awakening Mircales

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Welcome to our first official, thoughtful Thursday. Thoughtful Thursday is where I will post a card and questions you can ask yourself or just questions that you can journal about. Journaling is a powerful tool that awakens our own awareness of what we unconsciously already know, but have yet to consciously bring into our awareness today be willing to journal these questions and see what answers you receive.

if there is anything I need to purify or clear out of my life?

Is there anything that needs to be renewed or re-examined in my life?

How can purification help me become a clearer channel for my intuition?

How can purification help me become a clear channel for others?

This card also has an affirmation for you to use which is radiant vitality is filling my life. An affirmation is only helpful if you actually believe the words that you're saying don't just play lip service to it really be convicted in your declaration of what you are saying. and affirmation is also only useful if you use it on a consistent basis. If the words on the card do not resonate with you, are you feel free to change the words to what does resonate with you.

Christine Halliwell
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