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Awakening Mircales

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Today, the universe wants you to know: to clearly hear messages from spirit, simplify, if you're always busy and have accumulated much more than you need, you may also have a lot of static in your life. This can make it challenging to hear the voice of the creator. Remove those things from your schedule that don't move your life for it. Then go through you are living and working space, room by room, and clear out the clutter. Additionally, be sure to take time to clear any mental emotional clutter. Calm your mind, and simplify your thoughts. The smallest amount of clutter, clearing, both internal and external, to make a huge difference in your

Questions to ask yourself: what can I clear out of my life that will enrich and empower me

What blocks me from simplifying my life?

What will my ultimate result be if I simplify my environment and activities

Christine Halliwell
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