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Today's thoughtful Thursday card.

The universe wants you to know today is yesterday’s future, and in every moment you are creating your future. If you are patiently, waiting for the future to bring you, joy and contentment, your desired outcome may never arrive. But if you learn to create happiness. Now, your days will be filled with pleasure and bliss. It’s great to have a dream; however, if you don’t learn to find satisfaction in the meantime, you may not notice when your dreams come true. The purpose of life is not about manifesting your desires – it’s about discovering your inner gifts of your heart, and who you truly are Experiencing joy and sharing it. Be happy now. Enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Ask yourself: what is my moment showing me? If I’m not satisfied with what is in this moment what action steps can I begin to take? What is my greatest contribution to this moment?

Christine Halliwell
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