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Awakening Mircales

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Today's stock for Thursday comes from Kyle Gray's raise your vibration.

Light is a tractive in nature – when we shine brightly, we attract other greater lights, and these lights can come in the form of people, opportunities, even angels. Right now, divine beings are surrounding you, holding you in a sacred and safe space so that you can be the light that you are. Being a light is about expressing your individual self in a way that is unashamed and unapologetic. If you feel that you've had to dim your light or hide your talent in order to fit in certain spaces, including your family, know that this is a lifetime, in which, or soul has chosen to surmount limitations. You are doing that now, and this starts with seeing your own true self. Today the universe is honoring that self. Know that the greater force of creation is grateful for the steps. You have already taken to face your fears and express yourself more authentically in the world. You were not born to suffer, you were not born to hide. Right now, it might feel scary to take the next step, but if you leap forward, they hand of the universe will be there to catch you and take you for it.

Today's affirmation is it feels good to be the light that I am

Today's questions we can ask ourselves where am I hiding my authentic self? Where am I not shining as brightly as I could do to fear? What would my life be like if I truly showed up authentically in every situation? What does authenticity mean to me? How can I access even more of my authentic self?

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