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Awakening Mircales

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Today for Thoughtful Thursday, we go to Sonia Choquette's the answer is simple.

Our card for today is number 44 stick with it.

As you wake up your spirit, and begin to live in the higher frequency of love, the ego becomes confused and wants to resist. There's new energy dips, places the egos power, and renders it important, so it tries to reverse or arrest the changes. Be aware of your ego resistance and stay true to your spirit anyway. Ignore inner ego dialogue that suggests you're wasting your time, and thus tries to discourage your efforts.

Changing your vibration to a higher level and being able to consistently hold, it takes practice, patience, and discipline. Stick with your determination to live your spirit. Remain faithful to what you love, and what you believe in, and white reflects your authentic self. Although you may not see instant results, you can feel the change within yourself as you bring more light and love into you. Stick with your higher intentions, and soon you'll witness the effects in your world.

Questions to ask yourself: where am I seeing changes in my life. What is my current spiritual practice? How can I bring it in to more of my life? How can I see spirit supporting me?

Christine Halliwell
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