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Awakening Mircales

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For this week instead of giving an overall energy for the week I will be pulling a different card every day until I go live on Thursday giving the energy general energy report for the month of June.

Today we are working with the energy of love and acceptance today we are asked to look within ourselves, as well as within others to see the light and the truth of them to accept their divinity and our This doesn’t mean that we condone bad behavior. It doesn’t mean that we have to have a relationship with that person. It only means that we are willing to see beyond the behaviors the choices to the truth that lies within.

We are also asked to look at our own sense of worth. Your worth does not cokes from what you do it comes from what you are. You have a choice in every moment to choose to see yourself as a body doing and as long as that body is doing you are (Good) but the moment you are not doing you ate ( bad / no longer valuable).

You could also see yourself as part of the divine whole pure and perfect as you where creates simple happy to be in the moment and allow yourself to be a beacon of happiness and joy by your mere presence. You don’t have to know how only to choose to be a willing participant in the process of unfolding.

When we are willing to see the light in another, it means that we are more willing to see the light in ourselves for each person reflects back to us our own divinity a question to ask yourself today is, am I focused on the truth of who they are, or the illusion that they are presenting? Another way to ask this is would I condemn myself for that?

Christine Halliwell
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