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Awakening Mircales

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Today's thoughtful Thursday message is brought to you by postcards from spirit.

Today's messages, dearest you, there are times you get lost, but refused to see your part in things. Happens to everyone. Something feels familiar, but sort of off. If you're feeling, confused, it's best to throw away the math you're using, which only lets you navigate based on past experience. That isn't what you need right now. Instead, take a deep breath and open to the truth. A desire to stay in denial means that part of you doesn't want to be responsible for the pattern that's shown up in your life. Yes, that is the right time to wake up and start again. By the way, you will always get another chance – you have unlimited chances to start again! We love you so much. We really do. Be gentle with yourself. Coming out of denial it's like being temper early blinded by a super bright light Em allow your eyes to adjust carry-on, special one. A beautiful life awaits. Loving you so, so much.

Christine Halliwell
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