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Weekend, contemplation and energy report for August 11, 2023

Our crowning thought for this weekend is an invitation to pay attention to the signs and symbols that spirit is sending your way. Asking us to be in a state of deep, receptivity and contemplation about the opportunities for growth that have come to us, so that we can continue to take the lessons with us that we have learned.

This weekend also invites us to remember that and we can ask for help. We don’t have to figure everything out ourselves often times we attempt to and in that attempt we get confused and disheartened, because we are only seeing this situation from our own narrow viewpoint instead of from a broader observer perspective.

If we’re willing to take that observer perspective and see things from spirits point of view, then we have an opportunity to review our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, so that we can see why we are currently experiencing whatever it is that we are we can look at the quality of our thoughts, and then begin to shift them, if a shift as needed towards abundant beauty oriented point of you.

As this takes place, we begin to let go of our tight hold on what we believe a situation should be, or look like now is the time that we can conserve our energy and count our blessings. We must be willing to resist the poor to become stuck in our own Nero viewpoint. We must trust in the tides because the flow always returns now is the time to plan.

Our grounding thought for this weekend is all about trusting in the divine plan for the chess queen comes to us as an ally, and she’s giving us the task of asking spirit for the Higher vision of our lives asking also to know the right action to ensure our part in the process of unfolding be willing to ask yourself are your goals and desires in alignment with the divine plan or are they still in alignment with the little (i) plan?

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