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Awakening Mircales

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The secret landscape wants you to know: some thing exciting, is around the corner. You are entering a new frontier filled with expansive energy. Begin to look at your world in a different way. Some thing that you thought was Monday in, or someone whom you may have overlooked, will open the door to new opportunities, and a bigger and bolder way of living. Be willing to see the world around you in new ways. Don't be logged into complacency. This card appears when you're ready to remove your blinders and take action, so life doesn't become stagnant or lackluster. It also signifies incredible, spiritual, attunement and spiritual voyages.

How can I step more fully in to this present adventure? Is there an area of my life where I'm feeling bored or stagnant? How can I begin to take more guided action to stir the energies of my life?

  • Christine Halliwell


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