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Awakening Mircales

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In our everyday lives, we are constantly bombarded with different messages, all competing to be heard by us. Rather than plugging in overwhelming number of fear, base messages we receive from society or mass consciousness, let’s use our awareness to tune in to hear the messages of love of higher vibration. Listen to the whispers of your heart. Ask your heart the angels your guides to help you to hear the universe speak to you, so it’s you can live with greater understanding and purpose.

Our affirmation is I move my awareness within and discover the entire universe. My angels and guides lovingly guide me. The universe is full of timeless wisdom. I am loved. I choose love.

Remember tuning into your Intuition is not about having all the answer but instead having a connection to the truth that is direct and constant. Sometime we become unaware of the connection because we are focused on the other messages however it is always there we just have to choose to shift our focus. If you feel interested in learning more about how to connect with your own inner voice feel free to checkout my 8-weeks of guidance course here

Christine Halliwell
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