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Awakening Mircales

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When I first started on the spiritual journey I had the misconception that if I trusted the universe magically every challenge( opportunity for my growth) would disappear and I would live a charmed life like in the movies and TV shows I watched. What I realized was trusting the universe meant that I could trust that if I allowed myself to move with the universe instead of against it those issues would still come but they would also go a lot quicker.

They would go quicker because instead of me ( The persona, the Ego) interpreting it which was always I am a victim of the world, everyone has it easier than me, pity parties. When I allowed spirit to show me what was happening I could see old patterns and thoughts old wounds to come to the surface for me to release so that I could embody more of who I am instead of the personality and persona I had made.

Christine Halliwell
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