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Awakening Mircales

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The reveal

Card number one planting seeds. Affirmation seeds of grace are being planted in the fertile soil of my soul. The universe wants you to know: every realized dream once started as an idea that took route. For your projects, ideas, and dreams to come to fruition, you need to first become clear on, what your heart truly desires. Then ask yourself is this really what I want? Believe that miracles can happen. Use time to plant seeds for your future. Nurture these precious seeds so that they will grow as strong as the mighty oak. This weekend is an opportunity to really dig in and ask yourself the question what has blocked me from seeds taking route in the past? how can I overcome this? How can I best prepare for my desires? What is being known for my now moment that I may not be consciously aware of?

Card 2: Dear You,

Uncertainty is the new normal for the whole world. Things are changing at a rapid pace, and the old ways we once trusted are no longer reliable. But leaving the familiar behind can be a good thing. When you are pushed to step into the Unknown, you are pulled forward into discovering new possibilities that have been hidden in plain sight. Check in with your Higher Power; your soul knows better than your small self. Have faith in the support of a Higher Power and the infinite potential for your life. Right now, the advice we have for you is this: try something new, do sonething different. You won't know how it feels, what it looks like, or what the outcome will be if you do not take that first step into the Unknown and experience the unfamiliarity. You'll be so glad you did because the treasure will appear. We're so proud of you for being brave!

You are so loved and so supported

Card 3: card three is asking us to get out of our heads and to play a little bit to have some fun to dream a bigger dream. Sometimes when we are in the midst of trying to figure something out, we get far too much in our heads, which then leads us to analysis paralysis spirit is asking us to get out of our heads by playing a little bit by doing something fun so that we can truly begin to get guided action or guided thoughts towards our truest desires.

Christine Halliwell
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