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Weekend, energy report and contemplation for June 9, 2023

This weekend we have a crowning thought of surrender surrender is where we allow ourselves to let go of our agenda our plan and let the divine truly be the guide. We are giving over not giving up.

As we surrender to the divine, we have an opportunity to become carefree, for we know we are cared for, by the divine. This gives us a beautiful opportunity to begin to play with life again to be an active component in co-creation to dream a bigger dream.

We also have our higherself coming in and asking us to stay centered in surrender to not let the outside world dictate to us what it is, we should feel instead, we are choosing to focus on staying centered and grounded, in the truth of who we are.

The last card gives us a message of if we choose to not stay grounded, in the truth of who we are, if we choose to allow the world to dictate to us what we should feel and think, then we will injure in to a state of suffering, if we continue to be workaholics instead of beings. A course in miracles says that suffering ends once to suffer no longer find value in the suffering. This is not to discount anyone’s experience of pain or trauma or loss. It is merely an invitation to step out of the suffering and surrender it to the divine

Our grounding thought is to connect with kindred spirits to connect with those whom you feel you can rely on and connect with.

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