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Awakening Mircales

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This is one of my favorite pectoral representations of what acceptance really is. Under the gray cloud, we can see the ego is very prevalent, because the ego is all about judgment. Why me, why now, why this, playing the victim

While the white cloud with rain, we can see your spirit. Yes, it is raining. The rain doesn’t mean anything until you place a judgment on it it simply is a natural occurrence. It is life unfolding. Nothing more nothing less.

We can bring this in to our personal lives and relationships as well. We can see a persons behavior, and we can either judge that behavior as the truth of that person or we can be willing to acknowledge that that behavior does not represent the truth of them, it only represents a moment in time. This again does not mean we can don’t behavior , it’s simply gives us an invitation to look past the behavior to the truth, and then act accordingly from truth, not from judgment.

Christine Halliwell
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