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Awakening Mircales

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This week we’re working with the energies of passion, clarity, truth, and being in the moment.

This week we are asked to follow our passion, follow our creative and intuitive impulses in the moment for as we do, we will have Epiphany‘s or clarity brought to us through a particular circumstance, or even person.

As these Epiphany‘s come to us, they give us a wonderful opportunity to see through the illusion that we have been buying into. We get to then embrace the truth in the moment, and then carry this. Epiphany carry this truth with passion and grace into the next moment.

The passion that we follow this week, we want to be sure not to use it destructively, but instead constructively, which means allowing ourselves to be present with the passion, but not let it consume us in an addictive type away, simply following the the creative inspiration.

Christine Halliwell
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