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Awakening Mircales

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Weekend, theme and contemplation for January 5, 2024.

Our first weekend in 2024 the year of inter strength is asking us to look at things more deeply. This doesn’t mean to analyze things. It does mean that we must be more discerning and look below the surface of things to find the truth the light. The Universe is urging us to take this time to engage in reflection. As we come into this reflection, as we begin to cultivate more discernment, we start to gather our inner forces, our inner strength, and as we do, we begin to accept the vibrant truth of who we are, and all that is already within us. it gives us the strength to show our own inner deepest gifts.

Ask yourself this weekend regarding my relationships with myself and others is there an area in which I need to use discernment or look deeper? If I need to go beneath the surface of a situation in my life, how might I proceed? Is there anything that I’m not seeing in my life .

You can also ask yourself these questions about coming into your power. What stop me from expanding my potential in the past? How can I come into my power more fully? And what ways can I support and help others with my own strength?

Christine Halliwell
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