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Messages for Week of Monday, March 27, 2023- Keywords:  Trust, strategy, patience, balance, new perspective, sacrifice, practicality, logic, decisions, wisdom, grace.  “Should I stay (in the past) or should I go” (to try something new) is a message that came through from Spirit and the angelic realm in regards to the energies for this week.

Summary:  The main message coming through for this week is about trusting ourselves, being practical, strategizing our plans on what we want to change, create and manifest.

Archangel Sammael is helping us to clear out negative energies from our lower chakras (first- Base, second- Sacral, and third- personal power) which stem from old emotional negative patterns.  Something has to give, in other words, a sacrifice will have to be made in order to create room for new love in all forms to enter our life.  What you let go of will be replaced with something better.  Choose harmonious responses, act with wisdom and grace.  As you move forward, be honest with yourself and others, remain authentic, be mindful of your communication, being truthful will cut through any confusion resulting in positive resolutions based in peace and love.  Peace comes from remembering only love is real.

❤️Beginning of the week- King of Pentacles and Ask-  This is a good time to make practical decisions based in truth, be logical, this also can lead to adding more structure in your life which will aid in strategizing your next move or which plan or direction do you wish to pursue.  Ask Spirit for whatever you need and be open to receiving love and assistance in all forms; allow Spirit to lead and guide you on your next moves, have faith and trust in yourself that all will unfold in Divine timing.  Be patient, stay the course, their is no need to rush or force anything, take one step at a time.

❤️Middle of the Week- The Hanging Man and Law of Attraction-This is a time to pause, step back and see things from a different perspective.  Sometimes we get so caught up in situations and our day to day life we forget that their is a bigger picture than what we are seeing.  By being the observer, you are better able to see yourself, situations and relationships with a new understanding based in truth and love; this will help break any habits or negative behavioral patterns that are hindering you from moving forward.  It also helps you see things coming from your higher self rather than your ego setting your mind free from of self imposed limitations or restrictions.  Law of Attraction- Remember your thoughts create your reality; align your thoughts with your authenticity, keep your vibration high, avoid naysayers, drama and negativity.  You may also receive clarity and insight you were seeking which will assist you in making healthy positive changes.  Choose love over fear.  Your animal spirit guides are willing to assist you as well, call on them for assistance.  (They are in the picture on the Law of Attraction card).  The sacrifice you make will create room for new love in all forms to come into your life.

❤️End of the Week- The Fool and What Do You Desire- What is it that you truly desire?  Once you have clarity, take the next action step and move forward.  Remember to stay grounded, centered and balanced.  Don’t get caught up in all the “what if’s” and over analyzing everything etc…enjoy the process and the journey, have fun pursing your heart desires.  Remember you always have a choice and can always choose whatever direction you wish making necessary adjustments along the way.  Explore new options, express you gifts and talents with your creativity and passion.  Yes, there will be new challenges as with all new beginnings.  Remember your prior experiences are integrated into your inner wisdom aiding you on your new path to help you overcome any challenges.  Shine your light and express you uniqueness!  Share your gifts with the world for you have much to offer.    Love & Blessings, Christine

Ronald Schaefer
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