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Awakening Mircales

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Our main theme for this week is ( it is what it is) or accepting what is. Today's energy we are working with is spiritual narcolepsy. This happens when we attempt to remain aware and alert and our ego goes on high alert and starts to suggest that we have been spiritual enough and that maybe we need a break from it.

The reason the ego does this is that it recognizes you are starting to not focus on it anymore and wants your attention so it starts to talk about how much work it is and how much easier it would be to judge or it goes in the opposite direction and starts to criticize you for not doing it right or enough. Either way, it wants you to stop and go unconscious again to slip back into sleepwalking if you will.

Today be aware of where you might be sleepwalking or just doing things because it is routine.

Christine Halliwell
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