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Awakening Mircales

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We have an amazing ability to choose what we focus on and the thoughts we think however we don't often use this amazing gift, We often time believe a lot of what we think without questioning it and then we continue with the line of thinking that is causes us disharmony.

We do this because we forget to say NO, I know it sounds crazy we do it all the time we forget to question the thought as well as to just say you know what this line of thinking is not helping me so I will stop. The old excuse starts to rise when that happens when we say I can't is it that you can't or you are not willing to say NO to that line afraid that you will be punished or be found lacking in some way.

I have a beautiful friend who introduced me to a wonderful saying I want to give to all of you ( And How is That Working For You) be honest with yourself how is that thought or line of thinking really helping you?

Christine Halliwell
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