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Awakening Mircales

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You want to be on top, the best, the most effective, the most beloved. You may discover that you are deeper desire to help. Others is disguising the underpinnings of this complex game. Power, and all it entails can be both dangerous and productive, destructive, and redemptive. Which will it be for you?

We are learning that empowerment comes with a price and a sacrifice for sovereignty. This is a time to pick your battles, use, strategy, and temper your reactions. You have the power to make a beautiful difference on behalf of yourself and others. Can you see power as a currency that you must spend judiciously? True power is stewarded wisely, for it is given from the divine, not from the ego. In all relationships, the greatest beauty is when power is shared. If you are in a higher position, it’s even more important to be kind and respectful. Ask for guidance. It will come when you Choose compassion over your own goals and desires. When you stop caring about who wears the crown. True success and influence appears for you.

Christine Halliwell
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