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Awakening Mircales

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Card one: lady Venus, downloads and understandings truth is being revealed. Deep insights are coming from heaven, and the astral realm.

Message hearing hi – pitch noises, seeing flickers of light, and having the sense that beings are visiting you in your sleep, are all signs that you are receiving downloads from heaven. Whenever this is happening, spend some time in contemplation so that you can ask the universe what you really need to know. This card also represents downloads of information being received it by your mind. Know that the universe sees you as capable of holding saw Center information that will help you and others reach new levels of understanding.

Card to master Jesus forgiveness you are on the path of light, love and forgiveness. Father Healing is possible at this time.

Message: forgiveness is an act of self-love. You are being encouraged to know that whatever you have done to yourself or others, the divine is not condemning you. For love does not judge. You don’t have to forget what happened, but you no longer need to allow your whole story to be defined by a situation that doesn’t support your happiness. Jesus is here to bring miraculous shifts of healing to you and all those around you to release you from the burden of self-loathing. He wants you to know that he sees the child as a divine within you. He also brings clarity and healing to any situation concerning your father, either on earth, or in heaven.

Extended a message. Intuitive insight when it comes to working with forgiveness we must remember that we are not condoning what someone has done however, we are releasing ourselves from the judgments and the stories that we have about them.

Be willing today to release those stories to the divine, placed them on the altar of love to be altered

Card three Radha soul, flame rediscover, lost parts of yourself, experience, relationship, harmony, and healing

The message, loving Union, connection and relationship harmony arche at this time. It’s important to remember, through, that relationships won’t make you whole only your own love can do that. You now have opportunities to find lost parts of yourself maybe sensual aspects or your capacity to cherish yourself. Reflect the love you have for yourself. Increased romance, love an opportunity to Xpress divine harmony through love, and all becoming a parent in your life. You deserve divine love, and.Radha, with Shakti presence, is here to awaken this loving connection within you now.

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