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Awakening Mircales

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Weekend contemplation and report for April 7, 2023

This weekend there is an over arcing theme of the letting go and releasing that which no longer serves us.

Our first card is facing your fears, releasing the power that fear has over you this card, and invites us to examine where we are still allowing fear to drive us in to reaction instead of response. Fear is not only about being scared fear takes many different forms, such as anger, frustration, depression, sadness, don’t allow your self to skim over these other emotions because they do not fit the definition of fear the world has given.

Our second card is letting go learning to let go, allowing ourselves to feel the emotion and then let it go or two take with us the lesson we have learned from my particular situation. We are all to apt to either stay in a stagnant, emotional state or to keep reliving a situation that has already passed we do not let it go. We simply torture ourselves in constantly reliving it, or repressing it, and taking it with us and letting it color our entire perception of the world we see.

Our last card is vacation. This is just asking us to take some self-care time after we have released the power that fear has over us and let go of what no longer serves us. We need some much-needed time out. This card also indicates that we might need to get out and about a little bit in order to fully acknowledge the freedom that we now possess now that we have let go of fear, and let go of what no longer serves us we are now open to starting fresh.

This weekend gives us a beautiful invitation to truly let go of fear, and all that many forms, so that we may truly surrender to the joyous flow of spirit, and start fresh. Start a wonderful new beginning spirit can help us through this if we will call upon it and ask for its aid , not in a way that says do it for me, but in a way that says guide me through this fall I am ready to truly learn about joy and happiness. I am ready to learn about an effortless life. I am ready to learn that I can be guided, protected and directed in all of my actions.

Christine Halliwell
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