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Awakening Mircales

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This week our energetic theme is possibilities. Spirit is asking us to become more present in this now moment so that we can become aware of the synchronicities leading us to new opportunities we can affirm: doors to new possibilities are opening up to me in every moment. I let go of the past and surrendered the future, turning my attention to the (now ) so I can seize the opportunities on my path today.

This energy of opportunity is supported by two energies change and harmony,

The changing energy is all about the shifts that we choose to make in our minds on what we are choosing to focus on (past, present, future) when we choose to shift the focus of our attention we get new opptutnties to see things from a different viewpoint.

The second energy supporting us this week is the energy of harmony which means that all things are working together for good, we want to make sure we are both emotionally, mentally, and physically, moving into the present moment and becoming aware of the new possibilities

Remember we want to be peace and compelled before we take the possibility that means we are in harmony with spirit emotionally and mentally.

Christine Halliwell
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