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Awakening Mircales

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We have not recognized that our Temptations, or our addictive behaviors, patterns are the greatest act of self limitation we do to ourselves.

A self limiting behavior or pattern can be not believing in yourself it can be doubting your own ability on a consistent basis. It can be believing that you can never be beyond the pattern or belief that it is always going to be there and when you’re down.

We have to acknowledge that it is only there, because in some part of our minds, we are still valuing that behavior or that pattern. It may not necessarily be in our conscious mind because we have shoved it into our subconscious mind because we don’t want to truly look at it .

We must be willing to look at it, and face our fears learning to embrace our fears and all of our doubts, so that every situation in life becomes a learning experience. Gaining the knowledge that the physical world can help us to transcend and go into higher spiritual awareness

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