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Awakening Mircales

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6/21/23- Summer Solstice celebrates the joy, warmth and laughter of summer; and power of Spirit.  The beginning of summer represents a time for purification, renewal and healing of the self & soul, a time to release fears, pain and sadness.  Summer solstice points out the longest day and the shortest night of the year for the Northern hemisphere and it's a good time to express ourselves in outdoors activities. Our energy is outward, manifesting, connecting with life and people.   We get to know who we are through the impact we create around us. Love & Blessings, Christine 🕊😊🙏🏻❤️💚🌹🌈☮️

The card:  Heart of Source- All-Encompassing love, Unconditional acceptance, Serenity.  (Gateway of Light Activation Oracle by Kyle Gray.    

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