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Awakening Mircales

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Weekend contemplation and energy report for June 16, 2023.

This week our crowning thoughts are about shifting paradigms d or our perspective as well as to follow our bliss to the pot of gold that is waiting for us.

Spirit is asking us for this weekend to step into patience. Patience is not about sitting on your thumbs and waiting for some thing to happen. Instead, we can view patients as allowing the universe to orchestrate everything for highest and best good.

As we are resting in that mindset of the universe is conspiring to assist me and is getting everything ready for me we have an opportunity to step into our own creativity to reclaim an art be that an instrument or writing, dancing, singing, or simply reclaiming the art of our own presence. The universe wants us to be In joy and have fun. We have to be willing to step into it for it is always giving us opportunities to do so.

Were asked this weekend to begin to detox. This can mean a physical detox from different substances, but it also refers to us detoxing from the need to be so serious the need to take everything, so seriously including yourself. Be willing this week to have a little fun in exploring your creative side for in doing so you tap into joy you let go and step into flow of life instead of trying to steer the boat of life in a particular direction

Ask yourself what’s blocking me from having fun? If I were to step into more creativity, what would that look like for me? What or whom do I need to begin to step away from and how can I begin that process?

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