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Messages for Wednesday, February 1, 2023- The messages from Spirit remind us to take time for ourselves through self care and self love; when we help ourselves, we are better able to help and be of service to others.

💚#6 Healing Begins- this is a time of healing, letting go of the past and situations that are toxic and not serving you so that you can create room for new love in all forms to manifest.  This can be very challenging at times, as this brings up fear of losing control.  Letting go, surrendering, allows room for something new or someone better to come into your life that will be for your highest good.  Seek professional help if necessary, lean on trusted family and friends for emotional support.

❤️#1-STRENGTHENING BONDS- keywords: stability, reality, grounded, health.  The potential exists to bring greater stability to your relationships, especially the one with yourself.  As your release what is not in your highest good and allow healing, you can now rebuild and strengthen the bond you have in your relationships, especially the one with yourself. When you strengthen the relationship with yourself first, it will be easier to do the same with others because you will have clarity and insight on what you do want and what you don't want in relationships.   Scattered emotional energy will not serve you.  Keep yourself grounded (connecting with Mother Nature, healthy eating, listening or playing music, yoga, meditation, and exercise are ways to assist you in feeling grounded and more confident).

When you are grounded, your energies are not scattered and you are able to make clear decisions and choices about your relationships coming from your heart, not your ego.

❤️Remember to ask Spirit and your angelic team for assistance with healing and any other concerns or problems you are experiencing.  Ask and be open to receiving unconditional love and compassion in all forms.  Love & Blessings, Christine 😊🕊🙏🏻❤️💚🌹🌈☮🦋

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