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Awakening Mircales

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Monday morning message for March 4, 2024

today unfortunately I am unable to record a video. However, I still wanted to offer some guidance for this week. I was guided to use Cheryl Lee harness is deck divine guidance.

our card for today is the number 18 wisdom guide. our wisdom guide is here to help us with taking in new information and teachings. Whether we are taking courses, going back to school or learning a new skill or craft, or simply going through the process of embodying, or learning more about the truth of who we are. when our wisdom guide comes, they help us to gain new insights and understanding through the intuitive channels, turning our knowledge into wisdom.

remember, when it comes to wisdom wisdom is the practical application of what you have learned in day-to-day life our wisdom guide is giving us this opportunity to practice really applying what we have learned in our lives thus far.

Christine Halliwell
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