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Weekend contemplation and energy report for November 25, 2023

Weekend contemplation and energy report for Friday November 25 2023

For this weekend, we’re working with the energies of change wandering between two around and Grace and generosity.

The strongest energy we have for this week is the Horseman, the Harold of change. He is inviting us to look where we have changed for the good and be willing to truly embodied that shift and change let our actions be the Harold of that shift and consciousness not only our words, but our actions are behaviors let them be the proclaimers of this new embodiment this new shift in our consciousness.

As we begin to embody and integrate those shifts, we’re not asked to do it perfectly. There may be some areas where we are great, and have totally made the shift from one level of consciousness or behavior to the next seamlessly and easily yet there still may be others where we waffle back and forth between the known and the unknown and that’s OK.

With that waffling between what is known and what is unknown, we must give our self grace grace does not mean that we make excuses for ourselves. It means that we allow ourselves to make a mistake, but not to dwell upon it, giving ourselves grace means that we give ourselves permission to , not get it the first time. That grace gives us a generosity of spirit, not only with ourselves, but with others, and as we come into this next holiday season, generosity is at the forefront of our minds.

This weekend be willing to look at where you have changed where you have shifted for the good and be willing to look at where you still waffle and give yourself that grace be generous with that grace.

Christine Halliwell
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