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Awakening Mircales

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Spirit is the healer. We are or not. We are the divine recipients of spirits healing. We often times think that we are the healers that we have to do the healing, when in fact, spirit is the healer, and will do the healing for us and through us if we’re willing to put down the idea that we have to do it that it’s up to us.

The beautiful thing is spirit will work with you at the level that you’re at meaning. If you believe that there are steps that need to be taken. It will guide each one if you believe that there is a medication that you need then you will be guided to it it will use the symbols of the world to heal the true root cause of the (dis)ease within you.

The cause from a metaphysical perspective is always the mind and the ideas and beliefs that it holds sacrosanct and true spirit will help to unwind our minds as long as we’re willing to acknowledge that it is the healer, and we are merely the recipient of the healing

Christine Halliwell
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