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Awakening Mircales

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We have a great gift that we use all the time but hardly pay any attention to. That gift is the power of decision and that may sound ridiculous as you read it however I believe it to be true the power to make a decision on something has massive power, for example, you could decide that getting laid off is the end of your life and that you should not try anymore or you might make the decision that getting laid off now is an opportunity for you to explore what else you would like to do or try.

We can even decide where our awareness goes do we choose to see the world through the eyes of ego or the eye of our higher self. Either one you decide to look at the world with will not change the world but the way you interpret it for yourself. Choosing spirit does not mean you will see a world of butterflies and rainbows it does mean you will be willing to see things from a whole different viewpoint than the ego.

Christine Halliwell
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