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Awakening Mircales

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Today be aware that the ego may flare up and be in a fight flight or freeze mentality filling your body with adrenaline making you ready to come out boxing. When your body is flooded with this hormone, it’s difficult to connect with spirit because you’re filled with fear or in a state of anger frustration. in this state, you’re likely to make rash decisions say something you don’t mean draw conclusions that aren’t accurate and overreact. The best way to reconnect with your spirit is to find the correct course of action and at this time it’s blowing off some steam. Go to the gym punch a bag. Hop in the shower and scream at the top of your lung. Tell the universe how you feel. Grumble to the heavens and let it all out. If this isn’t possible, get a journal, write it down. Spare no detail vent until the adrenaline inside of you is burned out. While you’re in the midst of calming down, don’t make any decisions refrain from sending emails no text messages either. Wait until you have the clarity of peace before you act. As your fear subsides, your spirit will emerge. Just be mindful not to vent or lash out at innocent people.take your frustrations and anger to a neutral place and release them there. Also, be conscious not to hold in your anxiety and stress, denying that it’s there. This, too, blocks your spirit as well.

Christine Halliwell
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