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Awakening Mircales

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For this weekend, I felt guided to Denise Lynn’s Gateway article, which is a beautiful deck of affirmations as well as journal prompts. If we look at the three cards as a story, the story for this weekend is.

That we are asked to look at how we have been giving away our power either to a situation another person or two old beliefs are patterns, that no longer positively serve us. The universe is asking us to look at how we can more fully step in and be present in this moment, and that means acknowledging the past and identifying ourselves from it that doesn’t mean that we are ignoring what happened, instead it means we are empowering ourselves to step more confidently, and with clarity into the now, as we do that, we truly are freeing ourselves from the past and from future, and simply being here and now. If we look at the last card flying free, she’s flying on a dove. The dove represents peace peace, because we are present in what is peace, because we are expressing the truth of who we are with no limitation, for the truth of us is limitless

Our first card coming into power, ask us to contemplate or look at what has stopped me from expanding into the full embodiment of the truth of who I am. How can I come more fully into embodiment? And what ways can I support and help others with my embodiment?

Our next card healing the past is asking us to look at if there is anything in our lives that needs to heal? Asking us what old story or paradigm have we been identifying ourselves with and are we ready to let that go? How can I become an Even greater healing force for others?

Our last card is asking us to look at and contemplate am I truly on the pathway to greater freedom? How can I free myself from my own limiting beliefs and habits? Is it possible that I need to free myself from some thing or someone? How might this card represents my souls essential nature, which is

Christine Halliwell
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