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Weekend, energy report and contemplation for November 17 2023

Our crowning thought for this weekend is hope and spirit is asking us this weekend to focus on the good to focus on what’s working to focus on aspirations dreams and success healing

This weekend gives us a wonderful opportunity to really step into that with the first card of rest and rejuvenate. We’re just really asked to come back into the present moment to let go of all we think we think we have to do and all we think we think we know, and to truly step into stillness into solitude And allow the present moment our essential essence to step forward and fully recharge us.

We can assist that process of coming back into the present moment by focusing on what we appreciate appreciation is a higher form of gratitude because you cannot appreciate what you do not love we’re not asked to hold onto these things. We appreciate we are merely asked to acknowledge them and then let them go and not become attached to them.

As we do that, we come back in to synergistic union harmony between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

Which brings us to our grounding thought which is accelerated motion, and if you notice the woman in the card is looking up at a bright star, that bright star is what we truly are as we go back to our crowning thought for this week of hope so, as we focus on the present moment, focus on appreciation and harmony, we accelerate our own Healing and ascension and embodiment of who we truly are

Christine Halliwell
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