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Awakening Mircales

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There is a beautiful quote from a course in miracles that I love it says "The world is not happening to you but from you" When I first heard that I went into shame and blame and guilt thinking that I made a world that is fully of war and famine and death, however all it was saying was that the things I see are shown to me because I still have a belief about them. For example, if I see someone with a cold instead of going OMG I made that person sick

I see it as Thank you for showing me that somewhere in my mind I still believe in sickness and illness and that I still believe we are just bodies who get sick and are vulnerable to attack.

From that standpoint, I can forgive myself for believing that and ask spirit to heal that part of my mind it does not mean I wont see another sick person or the person I just saw will heal those things could happen it all depends on how willing I am to accept the correction spirit gives me.

Christine Halliwell
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