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Awakening Mircales

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This week we are working with the energies of catalysts, kindred, spirits, trust, and courage

This week we will be met with catalysts for our own unfoldment in the plan of awakening these catalysts can come in a variety of different ways and forms .

This is not something to fear. Instead, we are asked to embrace it, and be led through it.

We will have mighty companions along the way to help us to understand, or realize, or acknowledge, or even support us through this catalyst, however, the greatest ally you have is spirit and learning to trust that it will and can guide you through this unfoldment process.

Looking at the catalyst, takes courage being willing to look at where you have been in resistance with the universe, and where it is asking you to step out of resistance and into flow it takes courage to face our own shadow aspects, and it takes courage to trust that, we will be lead through this That on the other side is a bright and shining new experience.

Christine Halliwell
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